NewLife Family Worship Church Offers a variety of ministries to get involved in.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to join in one of the ministries

Childrens Church Sunday school
Youth Ministry

We have Junior Church along with the morning service, after the Worship Service. Teachers needed, so please feel free to volunteer.


For information on Youth meetings, please

contact the church or refer to announcements on Sundays.

Care Groups

For information about a Care Group in your area, please contact the church

Homecell Care groups
Community Outreach

We hand out food parcels monthly to the less fortunate. We have a community feeding outreach once a month

Women's Ministry

Ladies Teas, Guest Speakers, bible study and support for all ladies in our church and community

Womens ministry
Support & Counseling
Pastoral Support & Counselling

Feel free to contact the church to make an appointment if you need personal prayer or counselling.


We also have Camps & Retreats.